Otematata Results –  12 hr 6hr – 3hr

Saturday 3rd December 2016. 

Based from the SnowFarm Lodge up the Cardrona Valley


From the Snowfarm and north is some great, classic Central Otago, tussock and tors country we had a Rogaine on several years ago – time to get back there!

12 hour Rogaine

$80 per adult, $30 for under 19s. (late fee of $20 per person kicks in from 11pm Sunday 27 November ).

12hr Schedule

7 am Registration and Gear check 7.30am am Map handout and Course briefing 9am start 9pm Finish and hot meal

6 hr Rogaine

$70 per person $30 for under 19s. (late fee’s of $20 per person kicks in from 11pm Sunday 27 November) MTB option available in the 6 hour.

6hr Schedule

11.30 am Registration and Gear check 12.00pm Map handout and Course briefing 1pm start 7pm finish and hot meal


3hr Family and Beginners Rogaine

Start time 11.00am $30 per adult. 13 – 18 yrs $10 per person. 12 and unders FREE Sorry no meal included in this category Please enter online.

3hr Schedule

10.00am Registration and Gear check 10.15am Map handout and Course briefing 11.15am start 2.00pm Finish

3hr Compulsory Gear

Compulsory Gear requirements: Two base layers Polyprop or wool, Water proof Jacket, Hat and gloves polyprop or wool,  one litre of water, one first aid kit per team, one cellphone per team. Please do not bother the land owners pre or post the event. We are only able to hold these events with the very generous help of land owners allowing us access over their property. Non permission running or MTBing over their land could spell the end to Rogaining as we know it. Thanks very much for your support in this area.

What is Rogaining??

You have a set amount of time to find as many ‘controls’ as you can. You are given a map and a list of clues. In teams you try to find as many controls as you can – some controls are worth more points than others so you need to be strategic. Don’t be late getting back to base – 1min = 10 points off! See this post on Facebook for an illustrated description. example mapcode example

 If you’re still not just sure what a ‘Rogaine’ is then check out this link for the official word.

Terry likes to think of it as ‘strategic mountain running in a team’. If you like running trails, running/tramping in the hills and mountains with your mates you will love rogaining. If you have any other questions we would love to talk to you. We are also happy to give some navigational tips to anybody that is interested. We have up to 6 and up to 12 hour options, that is, you have up to exactly 6 or 12 hours (there is no penalty for coming home early, coming home late incurs a time penalty) to get to and record the codes of as many check points as you can. Some check points are worth more than others so you have to be strategic about which ones you will aim for- it is very rear in a rogaine that you will get to all the check points. Click here for the offical NZ Rogaine Website